Through Keyhole


The debut novel by author Simona Tanasescu."Through Keyhole" is a story on the boundary between the classic love story and the literature of anticipation, "full of passion, the book actually belongs to an illusionist." - Dan Martyr

Through Keyhole

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ISBN 978-606-15067-1-2

How would you feel knowing one day that the fate of the Worlds depends only on you ?!? "Through the keyhole," opens the trilogy called "The New Vital Cycle", which also includes the novels "Through the Telescope" and "Under the Microscope,,, the third set to appear in the summer of this year. "Through the keyhole’’, is the fate story of Lily Rose, which transcends the boundaries of time, carrying our imagination to today's unknown worlds. A character who will capture your attention not only by the new and extraordinary perfect universe from other worlds, but also by the authenticity of pure human feelings that will determine its actions. In short - a heartbreaking love, 9 lives, 900-year-old territory compressed into the vastness of space in just nine days, a Lily Rose who embarks on an unknown struggle to bring back her husband's memories, erased by the invasion of the Hypophysis who one day captures the Earth. "I used my intelligence guided by the thrill of love and... I found Edouard. The same wonderful person, the same warm, clean look of the man I fell in love with, but... with the soul and the memories trapped, in the same places that I had been through for hundreds and hundreds of years... ,, - fragment of, "Through the keyhole,,

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