Mistletoe Magic The Oak Tear


"The Oak Tear" is a spectacular novel both by the elements of its construction and by the strong note of originality with which, no doubt, Simona Tanasescu will find a place among the favorites of readers of current literature. The framing in a particular theme is quite difficult to achieve, since the novel, with a strong allure of fiction, sometimes dressing the aspects of real life. Between the two planes the passages are not sudden, but rather they complement each other naturally, flowing one after the other, in a complex epic thread, exceptionally realized.

Mistletoe Magic The Oak Tear

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ISBN 978-606-49017-1-2

Would you like to travel to a world built without time barriers? If I told you that such a place exists... Would you believe me? I Know... you have doubts, but by reading "The Oak Tear", you will blow them away! You will be fascinated by a novel that does not allow you for a moment to predict what is to come. You'll find that nothing is random... Not even the fact that you chose to read this book, Mistletoe Magic is an enchanted space, penciled with a sublime descriptive style, particularly elaborate and especially innovative, by the author.

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