Through the Telescope


"Through the Telescope" continues the story of Lily Rose, trapped in her own memories, as an experiment of the Hypophysis. One memory will change her destiny, see another and give her the strength to continue the story...

Through the Telescope

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ISBN 978-606-15072-7-5

Through the Telescope continues the story of Lily Rose Germay, from the point where she left off at the end of the first volume of the trilogy New Vital Cycle – Though the Keyhole. An uninterrupted journey awaits our heroine, a hallucinatory race through the fiery rings of conventional and unconventional space and time, against ruthless enemies and surprising allies. The author throws her characters into the midst of the most impossible situations, mercilessly and without bias, as if telling them: "I have endowed you with everything you need; now, deal with it!". And only the stubbornness and love renewed over the ages can save Lily Rose from these terrible moments of reckoning. Or can it?

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