Velvet Story Publishing House

Founded in 2019, Velvet Story Publishing House has for a goal to give back the writer’s due respect, as an author as well as for his work, and not lastly, to show respect for its readers. We present to our writers a fair and advantageous publishing offer, with all inclusive or personalized editing, publishing, distribution and promotion packages and also a new working concept.

We offer our authors unprecedented editorial standards: quality editing, marketing research, promotion, long term connections within the publishing field and perhaps the most important opportunity now, in times when the world is continuously evolving, new perspectives regarding the book industry – top new trends involving the readers and the consumers directly.

Velvet Story is a dedicated book publisher, ready to bet and play with all human and technological resources needed to introduce extraordinary Romanian authors and their extraordinary stories on the book market, but also foreign authors, giving the reader a diversified list of genres.

We have no prejudices, only the desire to show the whole world that Romanian authors are as good as foreign authors.

The publisher’s portfolio includes six collections:



collection represented by mystery&thriller, crime genres


Erotica 18+

a collection for erotica books



collection represented by romance, romantic suspense, historical romance genres


Parallel Fantastico

collection represented by fantasy and science-fiction genres


The Ring

a collection dedicated to poetry, young-adult book, non-fiction, etc.



a collection dedicated to Romanian classics


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