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Karma's a bitch!

Karma's a rag!

Publisher: Velvet Story

Year of appearance: 2020

Genre: erotic 18 +, love

 Of a life without love and love without life, what would you choose? Apparently we are in control of our own being, on the choices we make, but in fact the judge is destiny and we obey his plans. It is easy for me to believe that life is not only a string of meaningless events, but that it is a fabric of past and present experiences, whose nodes represent the points of reckoning, the mistakes and hopes endured, marked or lost of another life that forms our future. Karma – that force that measures us with a demanding look, gives us a chance after chance to make up for it, to live authentically, but with a lesson learned, but it is also expected not to always play clean.

On Simone Tanasescu's court no one else makes the games, only she dominates them. At a pace that makes your heart tremble, your veins throbbing, your temperature rising, your sensations tingling and getting hot, what you will encounter in her book will conquer you, tear you down and transform you alike. "Karma's a rag!" subjects you to unique experiences, explores an exciting and passionate eroticism, which with each scene provokes the prudish and sets aside any inhibitions, affectionately wields a thread of action that tempts the visual. The book asks to be accompanied by the 18+ warning, for from the story so captivating, intriguing, foamy, erotic is the key element that ignites the fire.

"Karma is a rag!" brings together under the same dome of temptation, pleasure and the unexpected three parts, from which three stories, three pairs, three lives, dependent on each other, in which time does not forgive, but neither forgets. A He and a She, a love that transcends, a past, a present and a future that binds them, divides them, brings them together, betrays them, torments them, fulfills them – their story snatches tears, indignation, smiles, thrills and above all, settles comfortably in the soul.

The main characters are found in a universe where their steps are guided in the same direction by an unstoppable force. There's no room for coincidence when Karma decides it's the right time; you cannot oppose her plans and must be able to acitistly; Karma is temptation, challenge, bet, sacrifice, exciting and sadistic factor. He and She change their appearance, their name, their origin, but a look, a thought, a sensation remain the same, and whether they meet in 1859 or 2020 or 2330, their love always hits a wall.

In India in 1859 he was an English doctor, crossing the ocean in order to care for the people of that fascinating world, but miserable and marked by disease. He discovered not only another culture, a land shaken by wars, a living on the edge of subsistence, but also the unsung pleasure of getting lost in a woman's body, of experiencing sex as he could not with his decent fiancée – even though he was wrong to her – and of recognizing true love when shown to her. From the dreams that haunt him and the thoughts and sensations that rise from the darkness of the night, an Indian princess arrives first in the infirmary and then in his arms. Who are they and especially, what does it mean to each other?

Successful impresario in Bucharest in 2020 is a man who can have any woman he wants. His bed is not empty and his partner is never unsatisfied. Professionally it's on an upward path, it just has to be convincing. After a night spent in the company of a stranger, with whom passion is electrifying and hypnotic, a lie told at the wrong time can change everything, but for better or for worse? Premeditated, predestined, karmic, their story is consumed with pathos, takes on meaning and power. Until the first misstep, who are they and what have they learned?

Serinissima is in 2330 Venice of another time, where life is no longer as we knew it or as we know it, but dominated by principles, conceptions and ideals from the most petty to the most brutal. A system of leadership that divided people into social categories, men are the iron hand, and women subject. Life has no mercy on poor girls, and the illusion is created to become a courtesan in places where dogs, ministers, cardinals satisfy their vices. She has no future, though she wants a better fate, and accepts reality. When he appears in his path, danger has the scent of love and hidden pleasures, but love is forbidden. Who are they? Half that confronts karma, find themselves in thoughts, feelings, but what was the price and what do they have to endure next?

In writing to Simone Tanasescu everything seems simple – love is reason, cause and effect. Set together with scenes of a burning eroticism and details and descriptions of real or imaginary times, the story nevertheless complicates itself beautifully into intrigue and suspense. The characters have a vibration that captures your attention, the action is divided into waves of sensations, mystery and dramatic, and the construction of the main idea hides the breathtaking highlights. Whether it is curse or destiny, the latter – Stefano and Renna – each end gave them the chance of a new beginning.

"Karma's a rag!" is a reading that undresses provocatively from secrets and dresses in desire. He and She speak to each other beyond words and explore feelings that are never forgotten. It's a book where you risk getting lost or abandoning your experiences, each chapter awakening images of the most feverish.

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Karma's a bitch!

"Karma's a bitch!" subjects you to unique experiences, explores an exciting and passionate eroticism, which  provokes the prudish and sets aside any inhibitions with each scene, affectionately wields a thread of action that tempts the visual. The book is accompanied by the 18+ warning, because the story is so captivating, intriguing, so frothy, and erotics is the key element that sets the fire ablaze.

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